Online Photo Exhibition in Celebration of
the 80th Birthday of General KIM JONG IL


Exhibition Period :
2022.2.14 ~ 2022.2.20
Co-Sponsorship :
Organizing Committee of IFPGPP Indonesia-Korea Friendship and Cultural Exchange
Mount Paektu is the highest mountain in the Korean Peninsula, 2,750 meters above the sea. Mount Paektu has been held scared as the ancestral mountain of the Korean nation from ancient times.
On the occasion of the 80th birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il
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Foreign Languages Publishing House, DPRK

Kim Jong Il's Birthplace

in Paektusan Secret Camp

" In the primitive forest of Mount Paektu,
there is a log cabin in which
Leader Kim Jong Il was born on February 16th, 1942. "

History of National Resistance in Mt. Paektu

Mount Paektu area is imprinted with footmarks of anti-japanese guerillas who fought for the independence and freedom of Korea under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung.

Sublime Scenery of Mt. Paektu

The natural environment of Mount Paektu is very unique. Chonji, one of the crater lakes situated in the highest place of the world, and pristine forest around Mt. Paektu area had created an ecosystem peculiar in this region.

Samjiyon city: Civilized Mountainous Town

Samjiyon city, in the North Eastern part of Ryanggang province, DPRK, has completely changed its appearance in recent days as a model of the mountainous civilized town and an ideal local city under the wise leadership of His Excellency Kim Jong Un.

Mount Paektu: One Mountain Range, One Terriority, One Nation
Acknowledgments are due to Mr. Roger Shepherd, Hiker and Photographer from New Zealand and other good friends around the world for their distinctive contribution of Mount Paektu photos. We wish the reunification of homogenous nation living in one territory connected by one mountain range starting from Mt. Paektu
Roger Shepherd

New Zealand Hiker, Photographer, and Writer

Let's go to Mount Paektu!

International events and festivities being organized in name of Mt. Paektu and enthusiasm to visit the mountain reflects the intention of the world's progressive humankind who aspires after Independence, Peace, and Friendship.